How We Got Here?!

How We Got Here?!


Josalyn boasts an extensive background in finance, with a career spanning diverse sectors of the banking industry since 2010. Her professional journey has taken her from the bustling cityscape of Atlanta to the financial hub of Philadelphia, the international financial center of London, the vibrant culture of Thailand, and the bustling streets of New York.

In 2018, Josalyn underwent a transformative moment in her career. Recognizing that the world of banking was no longer fulfilling her aspirations, she made the courageous decision to transition into a new venture. Coincidentally, just one week after leaving her career behind, she received the life-changing news that she was expecting a child.

Over the span of nine months, she dedicated herself to crafting a plan that would enable her to remain active and engaged professionally while caring for her newborn. It was during this period, a mere week before the Christmas season, that inspiration struck. The idea to master the delicate art of macaron baking took root, setting her on a course of intensive training in her kitchen for a duration of three months. The remarkable outcome of her newfound culinary passion, coupled with enthusiastic feedback from friends and family, ultimately led to her decision to establish a thriving macaron baking business.


In 2019, Josalyn diligently nurtured the growth of her business, primarily conducting sales through online platforms. As the year transitioned into 2020, her family made the decision to return to Atlanta. Little did they know that a few months later, the world would be gripped by a pandemic. This unforeseen global crisis necessitated a shift in her business strategy, as it experienced a notable deceleration in sales.

In response to these challenges, Josalyn leveraged her extensive background in the business world. With resolute determination, she developed and executed innovative strategies aimed at re-establishing trust and retaining her customer base in the digital realm. Her capacity to adapt and draw upon her business acumen became invaluable during these trying times.


Josalyn seized an opportunity by applying for a kiosk program that she envisioned as a means to drive organic sales and foot traffic. Upon receiving approval for the kiosk, she meticulously renovated it, transforming it into an inviting and cozy space where Georgia State University students, local workers, and tourists converge to satisfy their sweet cravings or simply relax.

The horizon holds significant promise for Sweet Heads. Josalyn's ambitious vision for the company is underscored by a deep commitment to revitalizing downtown Atlanta, ensuring it reclaims its position as an exciting and vibrant destination. Her proactive efforts are geared towards reinstating the downtown area to its former glory.

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