~The Owner

Josalyn Mayfield is a proud graduate of Clark Atlanta University, where she received her bachelor’s in business finance. Immediately afterwards, she took a leap-of-faith to study abroad in London and Thailand for 18 months and obtained her MBA in international business. Fast forward, she has worked in various departments at top investment banks and accounting firms in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta. But, in 2018 she gave it all up to focus on her love for business and food.

  • 2019-2021 Launched an online business selling only french macarons
  • 2022 Opened Sweet Heads in downtown Atlanta

  • ~The Shop

    I like to call Sweet Heads “a dessert boutique” because it doesn’t feel like your traditional bakery. It’s a space where most people say they want to stay forever. Before I opened the kiosk, I was super intentional about the look and feel of it. I wanted people to feel excited, comfortable, and at peace when they walked by the shop. This is why there’s soothing music playing; and smell-good candles lit; and a diffuser blowing out rose smelling vapors; and warm lighting; and chairs and tables for you to relax; and a server (most times me) who’s willing and able to speak to you about anything. My goal is not only to sell, but it is to serve. I see downtown as a hidden gem that many people overlook. The kiosk will be used as a platform to get us into a brick-and-mortar storefront. We want to make an impact on the community with our desserts and our service.

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